African Drum and Dance


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Let us work with your organization, institution or event planner in providing an interactive team building and cultural enrichment experience that is both fun and informative for everyone. While we are passionate about educating and inspiring the young, we understand that they are the extension of the adults who raise them and also benefit from these efforts.  Families and communities matter.

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Ubuntu Drum Circle and Lecture interactive presentation, University of Texas, Arlington, TX.  

Inspiration is a Priceless Gift to Receive and Give  

Cultural expression rooted in the study of history, customs and traditions of a people, gives reason and the freedom to be one's best.  The observation, understanding and participation of cultural expressions provides a foundation that nurtures confidence, determination, love and respect for self and others.  The life lessons learned from knowing ones own culture and shared cultural experiences, improves relationships and provides a sense of pride and purpose.  

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