Ayubu Kamau Kings & Queens African Drum and Dance
A.I.M. HIGH (Achieve, Inspire, Motivate)
Character Building Through Cultural Awareness

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Enrichment is defined as making something more meaningful.
Everyone regardless of race, creed or culture, should embrace and reflect the on beauty in themselves and the beauty of others.  It's a liberating experience to have shared opportunities and experiences that expand beyond the scope of terms like Diversity, Multi-Culture, Life Skills, Personal Development, Youth Empowerment, Team Building, Life Coach, Majority, Minority and At Risk, just to name a few.  At the end of the day, we are people who share a wonderful planet that dwells in a universe of infinite possibilities and expressions of life.  Enjoy and share the beautiful expressions of life in and around us all.

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Food For Thought - How Do You Define Culture?

Story Telling
Who Was the
Real Lion King?

Baba Kwasi tells the story about the Real Lion King. Read More...

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African Dance, African-American Read-In,
Majestic Theater, Dallas, TX
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Celebrating World Cultures

Video - Grapevine High, Grapevine, TX

African Drumming, African Unity Festival,
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX

African Dance class, Girl Scouts of America,
Lancaster, TX
African drum and dance class