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Enrichment is defined as the act of making something more meaningful.

The rhythms, dances and cultures of Africa have influenced many aspects of world culture.  Through African Drumming and Dance, children and adults are provided rich historical connections and opportunities to learn and expresses themselves together. Participants will learn lessons in African and Afro-American history and gain a greater understanding of the Diaspora of cultures and traditions, and life lessons they possess.    Learn about our enrichment program, now in its ninth year at the East Ft. Worth Montessori Academy 

We offer several formats based on your needs and objectives.


African Drumming and African Dance and Drumming Presentations, and Storytelling for assembly, diversity and team building for corporate, public and private events. Unique experiences that excites and  engages everyone’s  participation.


Short and long term Enrichment programs for Day and After School, Community centers and Organizations interested in cultural enrichment, performing arts and character building experiences for their students or staff.


African Drum and African Dance classes for all ages, public and private venues.


African Drumming and African Dance workshops for music and dance teachers, student, community centers,  and team building workshops for organizations, private and public gatherings. Our focus in mostly West African and Afro-American and Caribbean Dance traditions.

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