Kings & Queens

Using performing arts and interactive presentations to educate, motivate and inspire.


Baba Ayubu Bakari Kamau founded the Ayalode (pronounced Ay-ya-low-day) and Iantunga (pronounced Eye-an-tunga) Sacred Afrikan Drum and Dance Society in 1993.  In 1996 the group was renamed as the Ayubu Kamau Sacred Afrikan Drum and Dance Society and the Ayubu Kamau Kings and Queens, a youth mentoring program in honor of Baba Bakari Ayubu who passed away on September 20th, 1995. 

Baba Ayubu Bakari Kamau
(meaning perseverance) Kamau (meaning quiet warrior)

Sacred Afrikan Drum and Dance Society

The purpose and function of the society is to re-establish and exemplify the long rooted traditions and legacies African culture through African music, dance, storytelling, family and community centered  activities.  Understanding history and culture as an essential part of personal and community life and development.  The Ayubu Kamau sacred African Drum and Dance Society used the art of music, dance rites of passage (coming of age) programs and storytelling as cultural ambassadors to promote and nurture harmony in humanity.  Understanding the connection and relationship to our environment and the spiritual bond and commitment we have with our elders and ancestors.

For the past twenty four years the organization has performed throughout the United States and is committed to exude the beauty, resilience and integrity of the Diaspora of African Culture in music, dance, education and the arts.  In 1995 a youth focused group The Ayubu Kamau Kings and Queens Children's African Drum and Dance School was formed and continues to grow under the direction of Iya Ile (pronounced E-yaah  E-lay) and Baba Kwasi (pronounced Baa-baa  Kway-see or Kwa-see).

Contact: 817-800-8444