Mentoring & Cultural Enrichment

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Community Arts Mentoring Programs (CAMP) are crafted to bring presentations, short and long term residences, performing arts and educational programs to your institutions and special events.  Using the art of music, dance and lessons in world history.  We provide experienced instructors, curriculum, authentic African instruments and traditional dance attire for classes, residencies and presentations.

Format: 45-60 minutes / per session
Duration: Customized for days, weeks and semesters


Though the magic of storytelling, everyone will take a journey to find the oldest drum beat in the world, the heart.


Inspiring, educational and interactive.   Students learn about the history, languages and cultural expressions and experiences of Afro-Americans and the African Diaspora.  Depending or venue, we also provide an array of African drums and other percussion instruments for participants.  
Format: 30-60 minutes / per session


Students learn to work as a group learning specific traditional dance expressions and the history and meaning of the dance and the people and places these dance and music expressions originated and or evolved.

Drums and other percussion instruments are provided to accompany the dance class experience. 
Format: 45-60 minutes per session


Everyone will learn to play as an ensemble (Team Building). Upon completion of instruction and rehearsal, participants will perform to finally to demonstrate what they learned.  Character building  and life skill elements of our classes  are
Discipline, Respect, Understanding, Motivation
Format: 45-60 minutes per session